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Thursday, November 17, 2011

The Redemption of Canaan

I've said it before and God said it to me again, "Do not worry for the things of the world," He said to me this morning.

"Do not worry for what you will see and for what you will hear," says the Lord in regard to the future of America, Israel, and the other nations connected to us.  "Do not worry over what you will hear the media saying; what the politicians and leaders are saying, and even what the prophets and preachers are saying.  For they see in part and prophecy in part."   And I, as the maidservant of the Lord, only see in parts that seem to fill in the blanks of the parts of others.

The Lord God spoke to me this morning and told me yes, it's going to look bad - really bad.  President Barak Obama must needs be - and the things of this world and the decisions he will seem to make must need be.  The Lord God has said He will redeem Canaan through President Barak Obama.  But it will look very bad before this is evident.

The preachers and prophets that see President Barak Obama signing against Israel in the guise of Peace are right in as much as they can see.  The connections his critics try to make between the President and the Muslim nations must need be.  "How can a people be moved if they feel have no connection to the one whom I (sayeth the Lord God Almighty), have chosen to move them?  I will redeem Canaan and bring reconciliation to my lost and dispatched, dispised and rejected sons and daughters through President Barak Obama.  Not because he is a Muslim bent on destroying America (which he is not), nor because he is working on behalf of the plans of the devil to destroy Israel (which he - Obama - is not)."

The devil has no plans - he is part of a plan that he has already lost.  And the role President Barak Obama will play are on the side of good and not evil, blessings and not cursings - life and not death. But it will not seem so.  Up until the very last it will not seem so.  The media will report that President Barak Obama "has signed it" - and it will seem the worst fears of Christian and Jewish leaders for America and Israel have come to pass in favor of what Islam and Muslim leaders are fighting for.

"But the Holy Spirit will not be mocked and I, the Lord your God am not a man, that I should lie. What I have spoken, shall accomplish what I set it out to do, and I shall see My precious son Barak come into the fullness of My Spirit and My purpose for him, for America, for Israel and for Canaan.  For I know the thoughts I have of you, thoughts of good and not evil to give you an expected end."

What the prophets, preachers, teachers, political leaders and media spin-doctors expect - and what they shall see, and what they shall report are not of Me, sayeth the Lord our God.  "For my ways are not your ways, my thoughts are not your thoughts. Lean NOT unto your own understanding!" commands the Lord our God.

When it comes to the seeming end, you will think the Lord God has forsaken America and Israel.  "You will think My Word as void. Jesus, My Word and My Glory, will prevail and has prevailed.  Canaan has been redeemed just as Israel has been blessed.  The temple plans have been laid for its rebuilding. Isreal and all the seed of Abraham have been promised to receive vineyards they did not plant and houses they did not build. Do not suppose your partial vision and partial understanding is all of Me - if any man think He is a prophet I, the Lord your God will reveal myself to him in dreams and in visions, but I show in part and reveal in part, that you may see in part and prophecy in part.  But I will not move upon the Earth without first revealing my secrets unto the hearts of man."

America has a prominent prophetic role in the history of this world's future.  But many cannot see this nation written in the pages of God's word.  But just as Israel is scattered and fractured, yet spoken of as a whole, so is America one, but you will find her spoken of in the pages of God's word as scattered and fractured - parts of separate wholes.

Israel is blessed and has been from the dawn of the age.  America is blessed, for the prayers of her citizens were heard before the formation of the heavens and the earth.  "And make no mistake," sayeth the Lord our God, "President Barak Hussein Obama is a child of God - a most precious child of God - chosen, ordained, consecrated and highly anointed for such a time as this and for this purpose and unto the utmost Glory of the Most High God!  Do not mess with Mine anointed! For My Kingdom is come.  My will is done, on Earth, just as it is in Heaven."

Let all who have an ear to hear, let them hear.  Amen.

Power, Love & Peace - ya'll
~Min. Deidre Campbell-Jones

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Redemption of Eve

For a while now - perhaps about 10 months - I've been hearing about "women".

I have heard messages about women.
I have heard prophecies about women.
I have received prophecies specific to my "womanhood".

Then yesterday morning God spoke to my Spirit and mentioned in His message to me that, "...it must need be unto me, as a woman, as a lioness whom He has raised up, to do that which He has purposed me to do."

And then last night, while teaching, a student asked me a question regarding scripture that I almost couldn't answer because of a partial revelation about women!

Genesis 3:15 "And I [God] will put enmity between thee [the serpent] and the woman, and between thy seed and her seed; it shall bruise thy head, and thou shalt bruise his heel."  This is the scripture the student asked me about.  Generally he just wanted the basic meaning.  But I got stuck on the first part of the scripture - that God would put enmity between the woman and the serpent... yes between her seed and his seed, but specifically the "woman." 

God didn't say He'd put enmity between the serpent and man (meaning mankind), He said "woman".  And since the consequences of sin in the Garden pertain to all mankind, male and female, for all time, until Jesus returns, so does this comment to the serpent.

Any consequence to Adam pertains to all men.
Any consequence to Eve (who at that time was only referred to as "the woman" or Adam's "wife") pertains to all women.  Therefore, God's comment to the serpent regarding enmity between him and "the woman" pertains to enmity between all women.

It just seemed highly significant to me, that women would be singled out.  Because, once God said, "and between your seed and her seed," He then covers all mankind who are Believers - both male and female.

I was in the process of teaching to the class that through the remission of our sins, (Matthew 26:28) the shed blood of Jesus remitted us from sin of the Garden and all its consequences.  Not only are we redeemed from the law, but we are also redeemed from all consequences of sin - if we know and acknowledge and repent.

Therefore, I told the student that I believe women will be redeemed before men, in the End-Times from the "curse" of their consequence in the garden.  I told him this was my belief without proof...  yet. He did then show me a blurb from his study bible which said generally the same thing.

Wow. Ok - I just accepted that as confirmation.  Not only to my opinion, but also to all the prophecies and messages I'd heard about women and had received specifically as a woman.

THEN: Here's what God showed me and revealed to me in a vision last night while going to sleep.  Women will most definitely be instrumental in the End-Times and the ushering in of the New Millennium.  Think of it as God restoring "balance to the force" to coin an old Star Wars phrase.

Let me refer to these goings on in terms of "Old Eve" and "New Esthers," just as there was "First Adam" and the "Last Adam" - Jesus.

Old Eve brought about the "demise" of this first Earth. 
New Esthers will bring about the rise of the New Earth - meaning: circumstances in the End Times that will facilitate and give rise to the prophetic necessities just prior to the coming of Christ.

The first man was given the task to replenish and subdue the earth.
Men in the End Times will contribute to the demise and destruction of the earth.  Now, I'm not saying that there's going to be some cataclysmic Armageddon and earth will cease to exist and all mankind will die.  No, but through the persecution and destruction, systems crumbling, wars and rumors of wars, devastation and trials, it may feel like it.  And many may even wish for it.  Men will be the principle driving force in these circumstances.

Women are attributed with introducing death into mankind through Old Eve.
Men will be attributed with the death of mankind and New Esthers will usher in new life - everlasting life; Kingdom living and the Tree of Life.  Where Old Eve was deemed as "the mother of all living", the New Esthers will be resurrected and redeemed as the "mothers of all living - eternally."

Not only will women be instrumental in the End Times, but New Esthers will be ushering in the Glory of God to mankind, where Old Eve had initiated mankind's separation from the Glory of God.

In case you didn't know we ARE in the end of the End Times.  Look around: New Esthers are being raised up all over the world for such a time as this.  Not sure if you can see an Esther or if you will be an Esther?
Here's how to recognize US:

  • Esthers are orphans - either by faith, economic status, education, politics or denomination.
  • Esthers are the least considered, unknown, hidden, masked and undercover.
  • Esthers are chosen ONLY by the King of Kings - a woman promoted by mankind is no Esther
  • Esthers have a supernatural consecration, devotion, spiritual discipline and uncommon lifestyles
  • Esthers stand out as unique, different, odd - though smart, educated, beautiful, and/or talented
  • Esthers will step out in bleak, dark, horrific and hopeless times as a voice and an example
  • Esthers will be rags to riches stories and will quickly rise from least to most, poor to rich
  • Esthers may be isolated, with perhaps only one person/man as her covering or support
  • Esthers may seem to be overnight successes, with circumstances seemingly against them before
  • Esthers will (almost) single-handedly facilitate the deliverance of an entire people, nation or city
  • Esthers will be fierce spiritual warriors, with great enmity, against the powers of the enemy
  • Esthers will walk in the supernatural Glory of God as purposed from the First Dominion
Oh, Daughters of Jerusalem! Daughters of Zion! Arise and be counted!  Be chosen amongst the chosen! And like the women present on the day of Pentecost - be baptized in the Spirit of the living God, and be who He has purposed you to be, with boldness, power, love and truth!

Power, love and peace, ya'll!
~Min. Dez

Monday, October 17, 2011

Words of Wisdom re: Prophecy

God Himself has just given me words of truth, revelation and understanding about Prophecy, Words of Wisdom, Words of Knowledge and the people who receive them.

  1. The Lord our God truly has "poured out His Spirit upon His sons and daughters.  It is as if the Spirit of Truth, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding have been poured out like waters or vapors in the firmament and atmosphere.  This "information" falls upon us all, however it is those who are the Lord's sons and daughters, those who desire the gift of prophecy, those who are called to the office of Prophet and those who are sensitive to the supernatural who will "perceive" what they (we) are receiving through prophecy, word, visions and/or dreams. 
  2. We see in part and we know in part - but all parts are of Truth.  Often we try to "reconcile" that which we may perceive as conflicting prophecies.  I have even heard individuals "argue" (passionately discuss) why "their" word was more accurate, or cancels out or will come to pass over and/or instead of another's.  But the truth is, all Truth is of God, and God's word spoken, will come to pass no matter who receives which part of that truth.
  3. We receive Truth according to how we perceive truth. Truth is measured out with the same measure with which we measure it!  If one person's call or temperament or personality lies in rules and regulations or rights and wrongs, then they will receive a Word and deliver the portion of that Word according to that perspective.  Crazy as it seems, we must "consider the source" when we receive a Word - not to discount that Word, but to piece together all related Words in their proper place and perspective like a puzzle.  A hard worker will receive a Word and deliver that word from the perspective of what you should do in order to accomplish that word.  A person who doesn't like change may receive and deliver that same Word wrapped in a message of waiting instead of doing - and therein lies the conflict.  But if you "do" the Word of the one, and "wait" for the Word to manifest, then you have received both prophets as a prophet and all will receive the prophet's reward.
  4. God has only the BEST in mind for you and planned for you. His prophetic truth is from those plans!  If someone has a prophecy that is not for your best, for your good or for God's plan for you, then it is a prophe-lie!  Now, yes, there are Words of Wisdom or Knowledge that can warn you of impending danger, but those generally come with a way out.  A warning has two parts: stop (the command), or you will get hurt (the impending danger).  A prophecy is specifically a description of what will come to pass according to God's will, purpose or sovereignty.  And God is Good! Any "prophecy" that describes, il-will, or a purpose separate from God's or that which is unrighteous towards His sovereignty is NOT of God.  That prophet is in danger of bringing damnation to themselves, and your spirit will always bear witness to the Spirit of God.  Your spirit will tell you when a "word" is a lie because the Truth lies in you, and therefore a prophe-lie will not be a danger to you.
  5. Unforgiveness, bitterness, covetousness, jealousy, legalism and condemnation - even sins, can cause a believer to receive a Word inaccurately, and deliver that Word inappropriately.  Beware of a word given in a spirit of derision, condemnation, anger or contempt.  That word may be based on some portion of truth, but the believer's own nature will distort what they hear, or think they hear and they will deliver it from that perspective.  God will not honor a word given from the flesh of man's heart - only the truth that comes from His heart.  Say for example you are out of work, and qualified in a specialized field in which it is difficult to acquire the job you have been praying for.  A friend who is working a no-where job, out of the will of God for his own life and suffering for it, receives a word about your career, but it is distorted because of his own jealousy and dissatisfaction.  So he tells you, "yeah well, your time in "cubical hell" is coming. You're getting that job, but be careful what you ask for."  Your spirit cringes from this word - you can't even hear the good news that the job is yours, and you begin to doubt whether you want this job or not.  This is the spirit of unrighteousness in one individual trying to infect your God-given purpose with the spirit of unrighteousness and doubt as well.
  6. Doubt cancels faith; faith fuels your word.  If God speaks a word and you receive that word, it will come to pass.  But as always, we hold the power to our own life and our own death.  Only we can choose not to receive the power, dominion, authority and purpose for which God created us to have - just like Adam and Eve - nothing has changed.  Just because God has spoken a Word for you, doesn't mean it will come to pass no matter what IF you do not receive that it will come to pass.  Your doubt or disbelief will cancel the faith necessary to manifest your Word.  "Now faith is the substance of things hoped for, the evidence of things unseen." Hebrews 11:1  Without faith, that which you are hoping for cannot come to fruition.  But doubt is like a counter-balance.  You can have faith in God, but doubt the manifestation of a prophecy (even doubting the "how" or the "when" is still doubt), and it is enough doubt to pull against your faith and keep it from manifesting.  If the enemy can, he will work through the sins, unrighteousness or doubt of a Believer who is bringing you a Word, in order to infect your word with enough doubt to keep YOU from allowing it to manifest.  That is why we must discern the spirit by the spirit and receive a prophet as a prophet - the mouth-piece (the Words) of God Himself.
  7. Stay in that Word and remind God of His Word.  Revisiting, remembering and retrieving the prophetic Words given to you, fuels your faith and your belief in them coming to pass.  It strengthens your confidence in God and His love for you.  But reminding God of His Word, strengthens your love for Him.  Like a parent who overhears her child bragging to his friends that his mom is going to take him to Legoland or buy him a bike.  It encourages the mother who has indeed made these promises because it shows that her child believes and trusts her.  And it reminds her of her commitment to those promises - not because they were given without the intent to keep them, but because the reminder strengthens the bond of love between parent and child. It is the love the parent has for the child when making those promises and the love the child has for the parents when receiving the manifestation of those promises.  How much greater are the promises of God and the very nature of God Himself?  We must know that God IS, and that He is a rewarder of those who diligently seek him.
In All things seek God's Word!
  • Seek Jesus who is the Word abiding in you!
  • Seek the manifestation of the words of the new covenant written upon your heart!
  • Seek the written word of God through His scriptures!
  • Seek the Word of God through His gift of prophecy!
  • And seek the manifestation of the prophetic words spoken over you!
Seek and you shall find, Knock and the door shall be opened unto you!

Power, love and peace, ya'll!
~Min. Dez

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Blessings & Curses

Yes, God is not happy with the decisions of many Americans.  But He loves ALL Americans.

Yes, God is not happy with the decisions of many, many people all over the world, and in every nation - including Israel and Palestine.  But He loves them all.

God so loved the WORLD that He have His only begotten Son, so that whosoever should believe on Him would not perish, but have everlasting life.

God has already given His love, forgiveness and path for redemption to ALL mankind - not just to those who would believe, might believe or do believe - but to ALL, whether they will ever believe or not.

God is not "punishing" America - nor is He punishing any country, nation or race of people.

The "punishments", curses, trials, sufferings and deaths of any group of peoples; a country or a nation; a city, town, community or village are a direct result of our own sin, our own sins, our own decisions and the curses out of our own mouths. 

The state of our world is, and always has been a direct result of mankind deciding every single day, over and over again, to eat of the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil instead of eating from the Tree of Life - Jesus, the Lord and Christ.

I have heard "prophets" and "prophetic analysts" speaking on the alleged damage American political leaders, including President Barak Obama have and are making that they say will destroy America.  I don't know what these "religious leaders" are trying to accomplish.  It seems like they are fostering more fear mongering - fear mongering in the name of God - to counteract the fear mongering in the name of Allah.  I don't know...

They provide no solutions, no options, no hope and no plan of action, accept to breed doubt and mis-trust in our leaders; fear of what will happen to our economy, safety and national freedoms; and a helplessness that says not only is God not doing anything, but He is bringing this judgement upon the whole country because of a few rebel, un-patriotic, non-Christian Americans who "may not actually be American" anyway. 

BUT, here is the vision God just showed me: He wants to scoop America and even the world into His arms and cradle us like a precious baby who is still just learning to walk, stumbling and getting bumped and bruised, who then accidentally tumbles against the hot stove and gets burned, even though we were told not to touch it.

I still see the baptism of our President in the Spirit of God; the Holy Ghost.  I still feel the love and compassion God has for America... and Israel and Palestine.... and all of the world.

The decisions of the political forces in this world are no surprise to God.

The political forces of this world - the powers that be - are all operating in a power that comes only from God.

And all things WILL work together for GOOD, for those who love the Lord and are called according to His purpose.

If you love the Lord, have confessed Him as your Lord, and are called according to HIS purpose (and not your own), then you should know that the economy, health care, international, domestic and community terrorism, abortion, world-wide famine, cheating political leaders, and cross-gender homosexual dancers on TV are not all a part of God's unfavorable judgement on us, but are all a part of the same epidemic sickness that mankind has suffered from since the Garden of Eden: Sin - which is separation from God.

Revelation 22:1-3: And He showed me a pure river of water of life, clear as crystal, proceeding out of the throne of God and of the Lamb.  In the midst of the street of it, and of either side of the river, was there the tree of life, which bare twelve manner of fruits, and yielded her fruit every month: and the leaves of the tree were for the healing of the nations.  And there shall be no more curse: but the throne of God and of the Lamb shall be in it; and His servants shall serve Him.

So... here's what I wish I could say to all those so-called "servants of God" who are "prophesying" and "interpreting prophetic instances" regarding America and the alleged judgement of God they say we are and will be suffering: if you are truly a servant of the Most High God - serve Him and serve the nations and their leaders by providing the Tree of Life to them, so that she can yield her fruit every month and so her leaves can be for healing.

Every month PRAY healing and life (remembering that Jesus is the Way, the Truth and the Life) to all nations and her leaders.

The fervent prayers of the righteous avail much.  If you feel your prayers are ineffectual, the first problem could be that your prayers are weak and infrequent, or prayed without power instead of fervent.  Or most likely it could be because you do not realize that YOU as a believer (any believer), ARE the righteousness of Christ - not by your own efforts, but by faith through Jesus Christ.  You CAN and should be accomplishing much through your prayers.

Ephesians 3:20: Now unto Him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above ALL that WE ask or think, according to the POWER that works in US.  We have power in prayer, through faith and belief.

If you feel America is cursed, pray blessings upon her.  If you feel your government and her political leaders are cursing you and all members of this nation, then pray blessings upon them.  The Lord says in Luke 6:28 "Bless them that curse you, and pray for them which despitefully use you."

Since you as a believer are redeemed from the curse of the law, there is power in your blessings.

May God forever bless America, her leaders. And today I pray that God will bless President Barak and First Lady Michelle Obama with the pure salvation of the Lord and baptism in the Holy Ghost, in the name of Jesus, amen.

Power, love & peace ya'll -
(II Timothy 1:7)
~Min. Dez

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

The Split

I see a change happening.

I see a splitting off in the spirit.

4  1/2 or 5 years ago, during President Obama's campaign I saw a splitting of the people - a choosing up of sides that had nothing to do with the political arena.  It was a spiritual dividing line that used the campaign as a cover.

Dodge Ball got banned when I was in elementary school, but we used to play in secret - or so we thought.  We would choose up sides, bust each other with the ball and hope we didn't get busted for playing.  It was that clandestine choosing up of sides that I saw in the spirit realm.  And the dividing line was not Christians on the Republican side and everybody else in every other political party.  Each party got their "fair share" of Jews & Gentiles; Saved and Un-Saved.

Then a year or more ago I saw another splitting off - this too was political/spiritual in nature.  I saw the peoples of America lined up behind 3 crowns: who would they serve?  They were filing in by the masses in even lines, equally numbered and marching towards the crown of their choice and these crowns represented their master; their allegiance and their commitment.  Only one crown was for our Lord Jesus Christ.

But today I see a split that is religious/spiritual in nature.  And perhaps that is actually an accurate description of the split itself - between the "religious" and the "spiritual".  The bible says true religion is helping the widows and orphans, but the word "religion" has become a by-word for the bureaucracy, regiment, doctrine, structure and "social climate" of the church today.

And let me tell you in case you didn't already know - the word has much negative connotation and it is mostly justifiable.

I wasn't "raised in the church".  Church bureaucracy and mores bewilder me.  Much of it just does not match up with the word of God written in my bible.  It's a conglomeration of tradition, pomp & circumstance; show-boating and showmanship that is protected, defended and enforced through falsely applied scripture, obedience, guilt and even shame.

And what I see is that God is tired of it. 

God is tired of preachers demanding that their congregation worship Him in Spirit and in Truth - and yet, no one does.  In many churches "Praise and Worship" has become a title that designates a particular time in the service that has little to do with with opening communication with the Holy Ghost and an invoking of the power of God's Glory.

God is splitting off the old religious powers that formulated these structures and traditions with a remnant of Kingdom minded preachers that will let the Holy Ghost have His way as in the early days of the church.

God's people are desperately praying for His intervention; for answers; for miracles; for power and the manifestation of His promises.  But God has been limited in His ability to answer these requests because of the structural limitations placed on His sources for expressing those answers! If you want God to work in your life, then give Him free reign to do so!

And another thing - how can church leaders say, "let all things be done decently and in order" then turn around and say that the Holy Spirit would not act in certain ways that they might deem as disruptive, radical or outrageous?  Hello... 120 people all babbling, wobbling and praising at 9 am in the morning so that everyone who saw them supposed that they were drunk!?  That doesn't sound like the church's definition of decently and in order!

Or what about the Glory of God filling the temple with such a cloud that the priests couldn't even stand or minister?  That doesn't sound like today's definition of "decent and in order" either. 

The Holy Ghost is craning His spiritual neck and chomping and His supernatural bit, just for churches and pastors to let go and let Him in and stop squelching Him just as soon as He shows up when they ask Him to. Right when the Spirit of God falls upon a congregation, that's when they stop service and tell you it's time to take offering or preach a message with no power from the Word.  No, instead that should be the time to stand and bask in the Glory of God and let the Holy Ghost do the work the people were just praying, praising and worshipping Him for!

That's my soap box... it has been so spiritually frustrating for me.

But I see that the Spirit of God is frustrated too.  The time has come when God will make a change in HIS church! True worship... a praise that He can inhabit... miracles, signs and wonders... and the days shall return when congregations will be in one place and in one accord and the Holy Ghost will descend upon ALL in the room like cloven tongues of fire.  The days shall return when souls will be healed, restored and SAVED by the thousands at one time... The days are returning and even now have begun...

And the days of pastors who stick to their structure of praise and worship, announcements, offering, preach the word, give an altar call and the benediction are over for the Holy Ghost.  This not the church that God has called out. He has called out a body of believers.  The is "church as usual" - no matter how much a pastor may say it is not.

It is a new day.  New preachers are being split off from the old. Old things are passed away, behold all is become new. There is a splitting off from "church as usual" to the church of the unusual and peculiar. Where healings are on the regular, demons are cast out daily, lepers are cleansed and the dead are raised - literally, not figuratively.

Isn't that what we, the church, have been called out to do?

Power, love & peace, ya'll -
~Min. Dez

Thursday, June 2, 2011

New Word...

Only a bit ago, the Lord instructed me that He wants me to begin telling of my thoughts for the Nations and His people.  And specifically, to be confident that my "thoughts" are prophetic and not simply my own.

A new season is here - and many have felt it.  We've felt the shift; we've felt the change... and even if we didn't know what the change was specifically, I know many of us have anticipated it for years now.

This season... while truthfully is indeed a season unto itself, it is actually a season of preparation.  It is preparation for a greater, more spectacular season to come.

And in the spirit of "preparation" there is most obviously much training and pruning taking place.  But there is also elevation and placement.  There is also protection and favor.  And, oddly enough, there is also restoration, opportunity and wealth transfer.  Finally, there is growth, revelation and transition into the Supernatural.

These aspects of what I see as "steps of preparation" may seem disjointed in my limited explanation, but I see a picture more clearly now - a picture that once began with the simple word: "infiltration."

So, in the first, I will describe the season to come - the season of which we are being prepared for, and then perhaps the details of our preparation will seem clearer as well.

The Lord our God is truly beginning to pour out His Spirit upon His sons and daughters in a much greater degree than ever before.  Periodic and previous revelations of the church will be revitalized and revisited and there will be so much more.  We are being prepared for a spiritual battle.  We are being prepared for the beginning of the end.

These are the last days of the last of the Last Days.  This is the beginning of the End of Days - the beginning of the latter days.  We are the generations before the last generations that will see the coming of the Christ.   

I believe that if my son, who is 6 as of the date of this writing, were to be blessed to see the fullness of all his days, plus - he will see the coming of the Lord before all 120 years.  I believe these babies are the last of the babies to be born on this earth... but how many babies constitute the last?  Perhaps my son will be the oldest of this generation - this last generation.  This I cannot say for sure, but I say it as an illustration of how close I believe the end of times acturally are.

And satan knows this better than I.

Do not be misled - these earthquakes in diverse places are THE "earthquakes in divers places."  These wars and rumors of wars are THE "wars and rumors of wars."

We have been in the last days - the 7th day - since the disciples first said so.  But sunset is coming soon.  I see the color of the sky changing... and even darkening.

In fact, the powers of darkness are pitching their last ditch efforts as if they do not know the outcome.

And God is preparing us like never before.  We are the generation to train those who are to come and who are to remain when Christ comes again.  The Lord has called us a generation of "Josephs and Esthers"  who are currently in training so that we can train up the "Benjamin Generation" that is here and is to come.  They will truly be a generation that will know the battle is not against flesh and blood, but against powers and principalities.  The Benjamin Generation will be true Spiritual Warriors greater in battle very nearly than even the angels.

And we, leaders of today who hear with a rhema ear and live in the revelatory word of God, we are their teachers.  And we are being prepared.

Now more than any church movement in history - including the dawn of the early church after Pentecost - now is the time when we will learn to manifest the fullness of God's word in ways we cannot yet fully comprehend.  We will begin to walk in ALL the power, authority, dominion and Spirit of God that the Word seems to only hint about.

But the manifestation of ALL will come with the outpouring of God's Spirit.

  • ALL will be healed who have a need of healing.
  • Multitudes will be saved and delivered like never before
  • Devils will be exposed and cast out
  • Creative, extraordinary miracles will be performed
  • Waters will be walked upon
  • The dead will be resurrected - before the coming of Christ.
  • People will be translated from place to place supernaturally
  • Believers will become supernaturally wealthy
  • Believers will have resources that the world cannot get anywhere else
  • Believers will hold positions of power, leadership and authority in diverse places
  • Soccer Moms will heal broken bones on the field
  • Whole communities and towns will come to salvation
  • "Commoners" will hold positions of respect and reverence amongst great men and women of the world.
  • Regular people will begin to do these and even the "greater than these" things Jesus talked about, and they will teach others how to do them as well.
And because of all of this, Believers will be greatly, greatly persecuted.  Not to worry though... God will still favor us to be the heads and not the tails, the lenders and not the borrowers.  It will infuriate the powers of darkness that rule the world.  But we will maintain, exercise and teach the power we have over the powers of the enemy.

And so we are being prepared in this season.  Our faith is being prepared - the kind of faith that when spoken, manifests that word into the instant and physical representation of that word - just like the God whose image we are created in.

Our belief is being prepared.  A belief that says yes, I can be translated instantly from California to the slave-trade streets in Thailand to save a soul; or to a hospital room across town to heal a child.  It is a belief that knows Christ's death on the cross was also for our prosperity so that the wealth of the world's Billionaires can be supernaturally transferred to us to feed hungry souls that cannot afford it when bread costs a day's wage.

Do you have an ear to hear?

If what I've written seems like utter nonsense and the ramblings of a spiritually delusional and theologically uneducated woman, then you will not be a leader in this generation of preparation.

But if you've felt a pull of understanding and a tug of connection... welcome to the Kingdom of God and His Righteousness.  His Kingdom has come.  His will shall be done.  On Earth as it is in Heaven.  And the blood of the lamb and the words of our testimony will overcome the world. 

In the name of Jesus, Amen.

~Min. Dez

Monday, February 21, 2011

Change to Original

Until now, this blog has lived FOR obscurity and IN obscurity.  My posts have been cloaked in the safety of the unseen.  Concerned enough to say, "What if..." Cautiously written "just in case..."  But this is the season for change.  Not ordinary change, but for changing back to original intentions.

This blog: Destination Reflection; today is changing back to its original intention.

This life: Deidre Kay Campbell-Jones, today, is changing back to her original intention.

We as a people, are changing back to God's original intention.

And from now on, this blog will reflect those changes - whether anyone reads them or not.

Original Blog Intent:  To share the deepest of my thoughts, un-inhibited in spirit, and in truth.  To chronicle the progress of my my life and God's purpose for it.  To share with others in written form that which I have no other opportunity or platform to share through any other medium.

Original Life Intent:  To walk in the fullness of God's power.  To teach, example, preach, write and lead others into the fullness of God's Glory, Power and Grace.  To live and to show others how to live in the manifested realm of God's Word.  To walk in God's promises and to show others how to do the same.  To have a true, manifested, tangible, full and moment-by-moment relationship with God Almighty, through His Son, Jesus and the Holy Ghost.

Which brings me to God's original intent for us as a people:  All of the above.  As well as:


These are now words of "Christianise" that have grown to be meaningless.  It must be the work of the devil because these 3 words are truly the most powerful words regarding our standing in life as Believers who have confessed with our mouths that Jesus, the Anointed One is God in the flesh, born of a virgin, died on the cross and resurrected on the third day.

What are we restored back to?
What are we reconciled back to?
What are we redeemed back to?

We are restored back to original dominion... for God.
We are reconciled back to original relationship... with God.
We are redeemed back to original power... in God.

Adam and Eve were created in the image of God and that image was not revoked.  Adam and Eve were given dominion and that dominion was not revoked.  Adam and Eve were given power and that power was not revoked.

Our original image was distorted (not revoked) by the lies of satan.
Our original dominion was given (not revoked) to satan by our own disobedience.
Our original power was diminished (not revoked) by our own lack of knowledge and understanding.

Our created image in God still IS.  We can take back our dominion and we can walk in the fullness of our true power once again.  By God, because of Jesus, through the Holy Ghost. 

God, came to Earth, clothed in flesh as Jesus.  Fully God.  Fully Human. 

How? Because Mary's DNA and God's DNA formed one Man - free from the seed of sin passed through the seed of the male; pure from sin by the seed of the Holy Ghost. 

Why? Because God said, "the life is in the Blood." And only a blood capable of Eternal Life could be the antidote to the sickness of eternal death.  Only God's blood could save us from man's death.  But God is a Spirit.  And so He relinquished the Glory of His Spirit and clothed Himself in the glory of man, so that He would have the only blood pure enough to redeem us back to life.

What!? Because everything Jesus did on Earth He did as MAN, not as GOD.  If He had done it as God he would have called down leagues of 10,000 angels to wipe out the devil himself.  But He didn't in order to show us the power WE have over the devil.  He healed all who had need to show us the power WE have over sickness.  He raised people from the dead to show us the power WE have over death.  He was brought low and made poor to show us the power, dominion and riches WE have as men and women of God.  Jesus walked on water, calmed the storms, fed thousands and turned water to wine so that WE would see what WE are capable of - not so we would know what God was capable of. 

God showed what He was capable of to the Israelites and they didn't listen.

God is showing us what WE are capable of through Jesus Christ.  ARE YOU LISTENING?

~Power, Love & Peace, ya'll -
Min. D

This is a stationary post.

Destiny's Journey

Some journeys are well traveled roads. Common, familiar and easy. We cruise along the path oblivious to the process as we habitually turn each corner, climb each hill and break each slope. Only to arrive, blink and wonder how we managed without incident or memory of the trip.

This journey - my journey - is not like that. This journey is one of reluctance, hesitance, unsurity, insecurity and yes, a moderate amount of fear.

As I open the window for you to view my progress, you will undoubtedly come to your own conclusion based upon the progress of your own journey - and your observations will be varied.

Some might say that I am making slow but steady progress toward a clear destination. Others may say that I am floundering and wandering aimlessly down a muddy road with too many directions to choose from.

I say my journey has just begun, although it started more than 10 years ago. I say I still have such a long, long way to go, although I am teetering on the precipice of completion. I say the journey has made me weary, leery and weak, although I trudge on with a strength and endurance that is beyond me. I say the path is muddy, with many obstacles, directions and difficulties still yet to come. However, my destination is clear - crazy, unimaginable, overwhelming and clear.

When this path first appeared it was like a hazy, dirt road on a foggy day. I peered at it without knowing what it was or where it was going - then tried to ignore it as inconsequential. When the path persisted I joked as to where it might lead, then still tried to dismiss it as a path not meant for me.

It was years before the view of the path cleared and I was able to see the destination more clearly. It was absurd to think that the reality of where this path could end up would be in a place far more outlandish than even my most absurd imaginings! OK, maybe - just maybe this path ended up in a very good place - but a place still not meant for me. Definitely not me.

Why not me? Who else but me, since I was the only one to see? Please, Dear God, not me! Yes, me. This path was meant for me.

And so I watched it, argued with it, denied it and tried to imagine a life without pursuing it.

Four - no five, has it already been five? Five years ago I accepted it. I stuck out a big toe like testing the cold water of a pool - then yanked my foot back like I so often would. I wrote about it, dreamed about it, and tried it on for size in the privacy of my dressing room of life. And by the way, I still watched it, argued with it, denied it and tried to imagine a life without pursuing it.

Three - sorry, I forgot - Four years ago I made up my mind. I packed my bags, said good bye to the sanity and sanctuary of friends and family who always had thought they understood me, and I took my first hesitant and frightened step.

In these last four years I have walked, sometimes trotted, but never quite run toward a goal I think is crazy. I have stopped, I have even sat down and I have wistfully looked back to a time when I did not know and could not see what was meant for me.

But I will not stop. I packed my bags (all my baggage), and made up my mind. Armed with nothing but 2 scriptures and a great deal of hope, I continue to trudge on driven by the surity that if - just if - I happen to arrive at this awesome, fearsome destination, it will be extraordinary, phenomenal and inconceivably wonderful. This destination...

A destination, a journey to a place that is called destiny. My destiny. Destiny's purpose in life. My God given purpose.

Sometimes while we travel, we see another driver, glance in that direction and never take note or give them another thought. Perhaps that is how you will see me.

Sometimes we see another traveler and something catches our eye. We may watch a moment, muse a moment or even briefly wonder... Then they continue on their own separate way and thoughts of them fade as quickly as they do. Perhaps that will be how you see me.

Other times we get caught in traffic, bunched up with drivers because of fate. And whether we cruise along peacefully or struggle with road rage, we share a community of progress, each with our own destination. Perhaps that will be how you experience me.

And on rare occasion on our own individual roads of life, we travel a path where we encounter another driver - seemingly traveling to the same basic place. At times they follow us and then we follow them. We may take note of who they are and what they drive - possibly even read a licence plate. We'll share a moment or even a long while - silently and separately together, with maybe a glance, a smile or a brief a wave of acknowledgement. Perhaps that will be how you experience me.

I cannot say how long this path will be for me, so whether you glance and move on - never to take notice; or whether you wonder a moment at who I am and where I'm going; or whether you follow a while, smile and wave or better yet, if you decide to stay for the journey, I invite you to come along for the ride.

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