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Tuesday, November 3, 2015


I had a dream on Oct. 29th - if you've read my Twitter or Instagram around then, you have seen me make a reference to it.

In this dream I was driving on a kind of highway - the surroundings were a vague mix of the outdoors and a few indistinguishable man-made buildings.  There were 4 or 5 lanes of traffic.  I was towards the left, but not in the outer lane. There were several cars ahead of me in the lanes around me - except for the lane to my closest right.  Some were big cars, some not so big - mine was small, but there were 3 people in the backseat.

A push came, like a wind, but not a natural wind.  No one else was affected by it.  And it shifted me smoothly into the lane next to me with no other cars in it.

The car I was in represents my ministry; the people in the car are the leaders that will come along side me - and the shift into the empty lane is the direction my ministry is going.  The road in which we travel to get there will be in a "lane" no one else is traveling in - but it is still according to God's will.

In the interpretation of this dream, the Lord gave me this word for His Ministers and Leaders today who are in Him; following their calling and doing the true work of the Lord:

  • You are moving in the direction of God's will
  • You are following your purpose accordingly
  • You may be aware of a shift coming
  • You may be aware that there has been a shift
  • But that does not necessarily mean that you have been shifted
  • You may need a shift - in doctrine; purpose; administration; leadership or relationship with the Father.
If you do not seek a shift at this time, you may just hinder the greater purpose God has for your ministry.  You may find yourself always looking at the back-end of someone elses ministry who is ahead of you - moving to slow or swerving and keeping you from progressing.  You may even be in danger of an accident - if someone else stops in front of you.  I see the potential for ministries to fall like dominoes - like a 9 car pile-up - if ministers and leaders do not seek the shift God has for them at this time.

Do not be so comfortable in the direction and success of your ministry now that you are either fearful or distrustful of the shift because it doesn't match your traditional doctrines or denominational bureaucracies.

This is a time God wants His people - His 5-Fold leaders, and His ministers - to return to Him.
  • Return in relationship through personal prayer and communication. God is Jealous of Social Media at this time! Return to Him! Some of your ministries are swerving out of control because of the influences of Social Media! You are spending too much time there, and not enough time with the Father!
  • Then return to His Word.  God is giving fresh revelations.  Some of your teachings are based on traditional thought and understanding and the Father wants to weed these out of your understanding and elevate you to deeper truths for this dispensation in time.  Some of your teachings are based on a superficial study and understanding and the Father wants to tighten these up and bring you to a powerful revelation of what He wants to do in you, through you and your leaders at this time.  Some of your teachings are just plain false.  And now is the time to be brave enough, mature enough and bold enough to be re-teachable and admit the errors of your doctrine.
Are you ready to SHIFT?  Are you humble enough to SHIFT?  Are you confident enough to SHIFT?

I have already been shifted and look forward to more for the sake of the Kingdom and the Gospel of Jesus Christ!


~Pastor D

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This is a stationary post.

Destiny's Journey

Some journeys are well traveled roads. Common, familiar and easy. We cruise along the path oblivious to the process as we habitually turn each corner, climb each hill and break each slope. Only to arrive, blink and wonder how we managed without incident or memory of the trip.

This journey - my journey - is not like that. This journey is one of reluctance, hesitance, unsurity, insecurity and yes, a moderate amount of fear.

As I open the window for you to view my progress, you will undoubtedly come to your own conclusion based upon the progress of your own journey - and your observations will be varied.

Some might say that I am making slow but steady progress toward a clear destination. Others may say that I am floundering and wandering aimlessly down a muddy road with too many directions to choose from.

I say my journey has just begun, although it started more than 10 years ago. I say I still have such a long, long way to go, although I am teetering on the precipice of completion. I say the journey has made me weary, leery and weak, although I trudge on with a strength and endurance that is beyond me. I say the path is muddy, with many obstacles, directions and difficulties still yet to come. However, my destination is clear - crazy, unimaginable, overwhelming and clear.

When this path first appeared it was like a hazy, dirt road on a foggy day. I peered at it without knowing what it was or where it was going - then tried to ignore it as inconsequential. When the path persisted I joked as to where it might lead, then still tried to dismiss it as a path not meant for me.

It was years before the view of the path cleared and I was able to see the destination more clearly. It was absurd to think that the reality of where this path could end up would be in a place far more outlandish than even my most absurd imaginings! OK, maybe - just maybe this path ended up in a very good place - but a place still not meant for me. Definitely not me.

Why not me? Who else but me, since I was the only one to see? Please, Dear God, not me! Yes, me. This path was meant for me.

And so I watched it, argued with it, denied it and tried to imagine a life without pursuing it.

Four - no five, has it already been five? Five years ago I accepted it. I stuck out a big toe like testing the cold water of a pool - then yanked my foot back like I so often would. I wrote about it, dreamed about it, and tried it on for size in the privacy of my dressing room of life. And by the way, I still watched it, argued with it, denied it and tried to imagine a life without pursuing it.

Three - sorry, I forgot - Four years ago I made up my mind. I packed my bags, said good bye to the sanity and sanctuary of friends and family who always had thought they understood me, and I took my first hesitant and frightened step.

In these last four years I have walked, sometimes trotted, but never quite run toward a goal I think is crazy. I have stopped, I have even sat down and I have wistfully looked back to a time when I did not know and could not see what was meant for me.

But I will not stop. I packed my bags (all my baggage), and made up my mind. Armed with nothing but 2 scriptures and a great deal of hope, I continue to trudge on driven by the surity that if - just if - I happen to arrive at this awesome, fearsome destination, it will be extraordinary, phenomenal and inconceivably wonderful. This destination...

A destination, a journey to a place that is called destiny. My destiny. Destiny's purpose in life. My God given purpose.

Sometimes while we travel, we see another driver, glance in that direction and never take note or give them another thought. Perhaps that is how you will see me.

Sometimes we see another traveler and something catches our eye. We may watch a moment, muse a moment or even briefly wonder... Then they continue on their own separate way and thoughts of them fade as quickly as they do. Perhaps that will be how you see me.

Other times we get caught in traffic, bunched up with drivers because of fate. And whether we cruise along peacefully or struggle with road rage, we share a community of progress, each with our own destination. Perhaps that will be how you experience me.

And on rare occasion on our own individual roads of life, we travel a path where we encounter another driver - seemingly traveling to the same basic place. At times they follow us and then we follow them. We may take note of who they are and what they drive - possibly even read a licence plate. We'll share a moment or even a long while - silently and separately together, with maybe a glance, a smile or a brief a wave of acknowledgement. Perhaps that will be how you experience me.

I cannot say how long this path will be for me, so whether you glance and move on - never to take notice; or whether you wonder a moment at who I am and where I'm going; or whether you follow a while, smile and wave or better yet, if you decide to stay for the journey, I invite you to come along for the ride.

Please click on the "Stuff From Before" link to Destiny's Journey to make your comments.